Tim Slagle, Teri O'Brien, and Dale Irvin look at the times when you just want to scream "Just kill me." This week we look at a brazen burrito assault; flame throwers by Elon Musk; an a-hole for a neighbor; and the worst job ever, Harvey Weinstein style.

Teri, Tim, and Dale track the latest stories involving moments that make you say "Just Kill Me." This week it's about an asteroid made of airplane poop, a man with a five foot tapeworm, and a comedian who was attacked on stage, plus a lot more. Give us a listen and feel better about yourself.

Tim Slagle, Teri O'Brien, and Dale Irvin return to discuss the moments that happen to us all that make us say, "Just kill me." In this episode, Teri rants about her JKM moment; millions of people experience a JKM moment in Hawaii; and the most JKM moment for you if you are sending your daughter to college. And the worst job we found this week is that of adult movie theater cleaner.

Give us a listen and you will come away feeling better about yourself.


If this is your first exposure to the Just Kill Me podcast, here's what you can expect. We are basically a motivational podcast disguised as a cynical look at society. If you think things couldn't be any worse, give us a listen. We talk about bad experiences, rotten jobs, and items in the news that make you scream, Just Kill Me!

Tim Slagle, Teri O'Brien, and Dale Irvin combine their intelects to bring you hope...or at least a few laughs.

Tim Slagle, Teri O'Brien, and Dale Irvin are at it again, and by "it" I mean podcasting, designed for the whole family, depending on what kind of parents you are.

We began this venture with the hope of maiing you realize how good you have it. Everywhere you look, there are people with worse jobs, living in worse places, and with more problems that you, so buck it up, Buttercup, and share the moments, jobs, and events that make us all say, "Just Kill Me."

In this inagural week broadcast, we share our just kill me moments in Cuba, Wal Mart, and the pet store. We also take a look at Amazon dropping off a package and a load; a new naked restaurant in France; and the job of lice technician. You will soon have a new appreciation of the phrase, "Just Kill Me."


Tim, Teri, and Dale look at things where common sense was over ruled by stupidity and the results were not good. A man picked a fight with a pig and wound up losing...a vital portion of his anatomy; a couple had sex in a car but didn't set the parking brake and it rolled into a lake; a man chated on his fiance while on an airplane and the mile-high event was recorded and went viral. Plus even more odd events. 

Tim, Teri, and Dale are back at it with some of oddest events in the news. Numerous body parts are tastefully mentioned and really stupid people are raked over the coals. Join our broadcast barbeque and be sure to subscribe...for FREE. What a deal, you get your laughs for free.

Tim, Teri, and Dale tackle the tough issues of the day including a lady who married a train station; the Indonesian monkey mafia; a baby that walked out of the womb; a three foot tall porn star and a guy that pulled a helicopter with his

It's fun for the whole family. Give us a listen and subscribe for weekly fun.

Tim, Teri, and Dale explore a wide variety of stories that we know you didn't hear about anywhere else. Give us 15 minutes and we'll bring you up to date.

Tim, Teri, and Dale tackle all of the tough stories and this week they include a woman with a leech up her nose; snacks made out of insects, and three stories of what one might call self love.

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