Tim, Teri, and Dale explore some really odd stories this week including a study that shows eating boogers to be good for your health; a guy with a eel up his butt; an insulting parrot; and a dude who wants to be an elf in the worst way. 

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This week, Tim, Teri, and Dale discuss what happens when you cremate the obese; It takes a threesome to raise a child; sex for McNuggets; and a whole lot more. Give us a listen and you'll learn a little and laugh a lot.

This week, Dale, Tim, and Teri discuss the fact that 1 in 5 Brits cannot change a lightbulb; cowbells are not for throwing; and how to live over an outhouse; plus a lot more. If we can't make you laugh you get double your money back.

Tim, Teri, and Dale discuss the oddities of the news including a poo museum, botox for men, in all the wrong places, and a transgender who broke his/her man part during coitus. And that's a lot more weirdness where that came from, so give us a listen and we'll brighten your day.

In this week's uproarious edition, Tim, Teri, and Dale learn the true meaning of "juju", as well as learning about new places to keep your gun; making robotic girl parts, and the answer to the question, "When is a watch not a watch?"

This episode could very well change your life. It changed ours - not necessarily for the better.

Teri, Tim, and Dale are at it again this week, probbing stories of junkie parrots, farting for better relationships, and one more thing you can do with a hairbrush.

In our never ending search for the lighter side of life, the Kidders gather each week without rehersals, scripts, clues, or forethoughts to discuss the world around us. Our goal is to make you laugh. If we can make you snort milk out of your nose, so much the better.

Please join Dale, Tim, and Teri as wecast a wide net over the funny side of the street. And if you don't mind, tell others about our show.

Actually, we're here to kid everybody and we're doing a good job. Check out this week's jabs at a parrot thief, a vegan chicken saver, shoes that order your pizza, a couple of penis stories you won't believe. Subscribe to this podcast so you don't miss the laughs.

Tim Slagle, Teri O'Brien, and Dale Irvin explore the hidden stories behind the news, even if we have to make them up. The winner this week is the brothel of inflatible dolls.

Tim, Teri, and Dale discuss love related topics this week like the Burger King in Israel that offers an Adult Meal that comes with a surprize "adult" toy. And the recall of thousands of Black Power Wand vibrators. Plus a lot more news you need to know. 

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