If your job is worse than a waitress who told the chef to spit in the food; or acrocodile tour guide who lures the crocs with a chicken on a stick; or if you are part of the small group who never had sex at work; we want to hear about it. Send a job description to Justkillmeshow@gmail.com. You could win a ty-shirt!

Episode 25


4:45 Deleted Scholarship

7:03 Please Spit On Burger

9:06 Crocodile Tour Guide

12:42 Elon Musk

14:40 Sex at Work

17:08 Soccer Panties

18:59 Worst Job Of The Week

22:26 Wrap Up

This week we learn that Japanese fathers want nothing to do with toddlers; guys who don't have kids but have monkeys instead; Bad gifts to get dad including their own flamethrower; the miracle of donkey milk, and much, much more.

Episode 24

2:46 Japanese Fathers
4:05 Monkey in Home Depot
5:32 Monkey on a Car Thief
7:12 Bad Father’s Day Gifts
11:08 Home Flamethrowers
12:20 Too Large
14:15 Donkey Milk
19:00 Wrap Up

What smells in here?

You could be on a bad flight when the plane has to make an emergency landing because somebody stinks. In California, you can't shower and do laundry on the same day. A woman has her lady parts reconstructed using a tilapia fish. These and even more reasons that make you say "Just Kill Me!"

What would make you shout "Just kill me"? Perhaps your job is milking cockroaches; maybe you had to show your nauty bits in court? Perhaps you drove your car in wet cement? Listen to this episode to learn the stories behind these and other stories.



6:21 Cockroach Milk
7:51 Defendant Shows Penis
10:14 Car Stuck In Wet Cement
11:05 Robot Dog Funeral
14:58 Dolphin Happiness
16:32 Wrap Up

Florida Zombie Alert

Teri, Tim, and Dale, laugh about the best jobs for serial killers and the worst jobs for everyone else; especially those who deal with unruly airline passengers, and donut eaters. There's also Florida Zombies, and illiterate cake decorator and more!

Episode 21

4:52 Passanger From Hell
7:11 Twelve Best Jobs for Serial Killers
10:06 Feces Flung
12:01 Summa Cum Publix
14:12 Zombie Attack
15:20 Worst Job of the Week
17:20 Wrap Up

This week we learn that Kansas cops can no longer have sex with speeders; a woman who sent 65,000 texts after one date; woman eats endangered animals for a living; The king of dine and dash, and a lot more things that make you say "Just Kill Me."

Episode 20

3:56 Kansas cops can't have sex

5:46 Portable toilet truck on fire

7:07 65,000 texts

9:09 Arguing with a parrot

10:38 Eating dangerous animals

12:15  Dine and Dash

14:25 Worst Job Interviews

17:52 Wrap Up



How bad do you have it? Not as bad as the guy who tried to have sex with a tailpipe, a woman with a live roach in her ear, or whoever had to clean up when the pee exploded. This and more in this week's episode.

Episode 19

7:33 Tailpipe Coitus

9:55 Stormy Cheetos

11:53 Exploding Pee

14:20 Ear Roach

16:28 Apocalypse Cabins

18:29 Worst Job of the Week

22:02 Wrap Up

This week's Just Kill Me moments include a lady who found a dead rat in her suitcase; poop in the streets of San Francisco; the adventures of Bagel Head, the worst job of the week, and a whole lot more.

We look at a town overcome by tumbleweeds, multi-species monkey mating, new rules about what you can use your mouth for in Uganda, Man survives rattlesnake bite and bear attack gets bitten by a shark; and a 14th baby for an exhausted couple. 

3:19 Bitten by Bear and Shark
4:33 Taken by Tumbleweeds
5:51 Ugandan Mouth Regulation
8:04 Promiscuous Monkeys
10:02 Monkey Selfie
12:30 14 Boys, One Mom
14:26 Worst Job of the Week
16:25 Wrap-Up

This week we discuss a bikini made of frogs; killer hand dryers. escaping babboons; and burgers made with tarantulas. It's been quite a week.


3:30 IRS Crash
5:32 Naked Man ON Church
7:07 Flying Fecal Matter
9:53 Great Baboon Escape
11:18 Tarantula Burger
13:17 Frog Bikini
15:13 Worst Job Of The Week
17:10 Wrap Up

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