Roof Repossessor Rocks

Think you've had a bad day? There's a poop train srtuck in Alabama; an award winner dropped dead on stage; a roofer repossed his roof; and wind blows cocaine into woman's purse. In comparison, you've had a rather good day.

4:02 Bicycle Thief
6:13 Alabama Poo Train
7:55 Flying Cocaine
9:54 Last Reward
13:22 Shooting Up The Church
14:51 Repoed Roof
17:23 Worst Job of the Week
19:22 Wrap Up

You'll want to shout "Just kill me" when you hear about the panty pirating judge; a man with SUPER gonorrhea; poop in the ball park; and a naked statue of Donald Trump, a plus a lot more, and the worst job of the week. 

3:10 150 MPH Chase

4:10 Super Gonorrhea

5:54 Justice Underpants

7:49 Dodgers Foul Outfield

9:25 Naked Trump Statue

11:14 UFO

13:31 Worst Job of the Week

16:04 Wrap Up


Don’t Dis The Easter Bunny

Tim, Teri, and Dale jump into the fray of bad jobs and bad situations this week featuring a drunk who swore at the Easter Bunny; A french waiter who said he was rude because he was French; A drinking water surprise in Philly; naughty nurses; and second amendment rocks. PLUS our first winner in the worst job of the week contest.

2:16 Easter Bunny
3:59 Rude or French?
5:02 Golden Arches Fall
6:09 Philadelphia Surprise
7:20 Iowa Nurses
8:44 Reading, Writing, and Rock Throwing
10:14 Burning Down The House
14:08 Worst Job of the Week
18:14 Wrap Up

This week we discuss a Costco robbery gone bad; A man whose drivers license showed him to be Homer Simpson; Ketchup by the slice, the worst job of thew week and a whole lot more. Here's the lineup.
2:25 Costco Robbery
3:38 I’m Not Dead Yet
5:12 Flippy the Robot
6:13 Upside Down
7:17 Driving Homer
8:39 Sliced Ketchup
10:42 The Snake Whisperer
13:05 Worst Job of the Week
15:40 Wrap Up

This week we examine the sorry situations and rotten jobs that people (not you) find themselves in when they scream, "Just Kill Me." Stories include; A woman injured by drag queen's breast; The man who wouldn't poop - update; 100 fishbones in the butt; swapping the "family cloth" for TP in Great Britain; and a whole lot more.

2:44 JKM Update: 47 Days
4:12 Mission to Mars
5:53 Hold That Tiger
7:39 Dragged Into Court
9:41 Love, Honor, and DUI
11:15 Smells Fishy
13:10 The Family Cloth
15:51 Worst Job of the Week
18:24 Wrap Up

Friends don't let friends Uber drunk; I'm not dead yet; Do you take this tree?; Utah lawyers get e-mail of boobs. You job may be bad but you don't want to be a taser tester.

2:12 Sleep Ubering
3:37 Talking Dead
4:59 Almost Autopsied
6:49 Universal Airsick
8:12 Married with Leaves
10:18 Utah Boob Tweet
11:26 Worst Job of the Week
14:10 Wrap Up

We look at a constipated con who won't go; a lottery winner and a JKM loser, no mail for nudists; when cops have bad days; and a look at the job of funeral stripper.

3:03 Missed Lottery
4:9 Criminal Constipation
7:12 Wrong Way Nudist
8:23 Horsing Around Drunk
9:17 Dragged for a Mile
10:12 Apple 911
11:42 Worst Job of the Week
14:37 Wrap Up

Teri, Tim, and Dale examine the things that elicit the response, "Just kill me."

This week we lokk at the body part business; a doughnut Homer would be proud of; a lady drying her undies on an airplane overhead air vent; and the adventures of Captain Fartsalot.


5:42 Dr. Hassle
7:30 Cheeto Doughnut
8:45 Concrete Funeral
10:32 Asphalt Traffic Jam
11:48 Flight Leaves at Too Farty
13:15 Warplanes Out Of Gas
14:03 Knickers on a Plane
15:17 Worst Job of the Week
17:33 Wrap Up

This week Tim, Teri, and Dale explore the moments, events and jobs that make a person say Just Kill Me. We discuss a road sign intended to mock Jimmy Kimmel; do's and don'ts of Valentines Day; is Australia really a country?; animal stories about dogs and stuffed tigers, and the worst job of the week.

It's amazing how many things can make you say "just kill me", like a dead goose falling from the sky and knocking out a hunter; Justin Trudeau making "peoplekind" a new stupid word; and a false tsunami warning.

You'll find this and much more in this week's thrilling episode.

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